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  About Accounts IQ

accountsIQ is a new breed of accounting software that is designed to move your entire accounting online. It is a hosted online accounting package that has been designed by accountants and IT specialists with your needs in mind. accountsIQ will help you to improve service, boost productivity and cut costs.

Secure, Anytime, Anywhere access to your accounts

We understand that security is a paramount concern for any business, and we take our clients' data security extremely seriously.

That's why accountsIQ employs a sophisticated, multi-layered security model and a set of important safeguards, to protect your data online.

We work in tandem with Opsource, the experts in delivering web applications and software as a service for on-demand companies. Our security model is externally validated by independent security experts.

For a detailed security statement click here

To access the system all you need is an internet connection. This opens up the possibility for you to allow staff to work from home (reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging a work/life balance) or even to be able to access the accounts from another office.

Access to a ‘Virtual Accountant’

Because we can see what you see, we are now able to provide real-time support to your business. We can discuss any aspect of your businesses finances or simply provide assistance with common bookkeeping questions. We can also regularly review critical business information together without the need for us to ever leave our desks.

Collaborate in real-time with us

We now have the ability to be able to review the work you have done on your accounts in real-time and insert any corrections where necessary. This reduces the time spent on analysing months of data at a time, which now allows us to submit back to you meaningful and up-to-date business results quicker then ever before.

Accounts are now up-to-date providing you with key decision making information (find out more)

As information is entered in real-time we can provide key business results to you on your mobile device. There is no longer a time-lag of weeks or months before we are able to provide you with business critical information e.g. cashflow thus allowing you to make accurate business decisions which will allow your company to grow.

A Feature rich accounting system which can scale up as you grow

With three variations of accountsIQ to choose from you have the ability to scale up or scale down from month to month to reflect any changes being experienced in your company. For a full feature list click here

Low start-up costs with a pay-monthly subscription service

Unlike traditional desktop software products, you can pay for this service either as a standalone offering or as part of your overall fee. As each client has different requirements please contact us for a detailed quotation.

No expensive IT equipment needed

Because the product is hosted online, you:

  • Don’t have software licences to buy
  • Don’t have to take system backups – these are automatically done for you by our secure data centre
  • Don’t need to take out a technical support contract each year
  • Don’t need to buy version upgrades
  • Don’t need to buy version upgrades
  • Don’t need to invest in expensive IT hardware and IT personnel to maintain it
  • Can rest assured knowing that your data is guarded by a highly secure and reliable service
  • Can grow as your business does
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